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My name is Kolendo. Aneta Kolendo-Borowska.
I'm a make-up artist.
I have been in this profession for more than 20 years.
Bless Me Saint Oil Serum Illuminating Skin & Makeup is my first cosmetic.
I am very proud of it because thanks to people I have met I have managed to create something unique and comprehensive.
It is You who have entrusted me with what is very precious - you gave your face into my hands.
What I learned from you is that each of us is different.
And so unique.
But what we share is that everyone, without exception, wants to be healthy and happy.
That's why I've worked so long to create Bless Me Saint Oil.
Exceptional Serum Illumination with versatile action.
Which has an extremely luxurious formula with a complex of 9 natural active oils along with vitamin E and gold mica powder.
Saint Oil has been developed to rebuild the hydrolipid structure of your skin and immediately deepen it and nourish it.
To be healthy and happy.
The effects of Bless Me Saint Oil are immediate, clearly visible, and perceptible.
Bomber JacketBomber Jacket
You can check it out.
And thanks to the delicate consistency of Serum, the skin gains youthful glow, is illuminated, smooth and satiny.
Saint Oil penetrates the skin beautifully leaving no oily layer on it.
Bless Me Saint Oil recipe has been developed for face care, but thanks to its unique and thoughtful composition it can be used in many different ways.
My first and most favourite is to combine it with a primer.
It always works when I work with you.
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Bless Me Saint Oil Serum Illuminating Skin & MakeUp