Bless Me Saint Oil

Illuminating Serum
Skin & MakeUp

Aneta Kolendo-Borowska
Illuminating Serum Skin & MakeUp is made from natural and organic ingredients without harmful additives and artificial colorants.
It has research and documentation authorizing sales in the EU.

Bless Me Saint Oil

Illuminating Serum SKIN & MAKEUP

This is the first and unique cosmetic of the comprehensive brand Bless Me created by make-up artist Aneta Kolendo-Borowska.

Luxury formula
It has an extremely luxurious formula with a complex of natural active oils along with vitamin E. Developed to rebuild the hydrolipid structure of the skin and immediately deepen it and nourish it.

Delicate composition
Thanks to the delicate consistency of Saint Oil, the skin gains youthful glow, is bright, smooth and satiny. Serum penetrates the skin beautifully without leaving a fat layer on it.

Immediate effects
Effects after use of serum are immediate, clearly visible and perceptible.

An amazing recipe
Saint Oil's formula has been developed with the care of the face, but thanks to its unique composition it can be used in many different ways.



  • Illuminating Skin & Makeup Serum. Delicate, rich in natural essential oils, the serum penetrates into the skin leaving no oily layer on it. Suitable for any kind of sensitive skin as well. Ideal for heavy sleepers or as daily care. Moisturizes brightens and smoothes! Congratulations and support Aneta Kolendo - a fantastic product!
    Daniel Sobieśniewski
    Professional make-up artist, PRO Make Up Academy
  • I have tested Bless Me Saint Oil Serum Illuminating Skin & Makeup created by make-up artist and filmmaker Aneta Anna Kolendo-Borowska for a while. Now I can say that I finally found a perfect serum for myself. Not only it moisturizes my skin, but it also has the most beautiful smell I have ever felt during the application of the product. <3 Used as a base for heavy foundation, changing the finish by eliminating the mask effect, which surprised me very positively. From now on it will be my wedding "Must Have".
    Karolina Matraszek
    make-up instructor PRO Make Up Academy
  • Bless Me is a name that expresses its effect in 100 percent. No cosmetic was working on me like this. None had such an insane smell. In the morning, at noon, in the evening - I'm always positively surprised. Oil illuminates, nurtures, is a truly unique luxury product. Bless Me is one of its kind, perfectly realizing the idea of natural beauty. This is a unique piece I recommend with all my heart.
    Ewa Hawrylik
  • Anetko! This is a miracle. I greet you beautifully. I just want to add that everything, from the packaging to its content is top class. I recommend it to all ladies who think similarly to me that, pleasures still need to be taken... well ... in droplets.
    Danuta Błażejczyk
  • The creator of this miracle oil I have met a long time ago when I used to go with Maja to a non-existent anymore in Krakow 'Feeling Barbarian'. On the face painting workshops for children, I have met the make-up artist and the author of the book (we tested on Maja all the instructions on how to transform children into the pet.) And now Aneta Kolendo-Borowska has created her own cosmetic. Beautifully smells, is completely natural and, most importantly, works :)
    Monika Jurczyk
    Stylist known from Paulina Młynarska's program "Change full steam" on TLC
  • I was one of the first people who tested the oil. I adore it. It soothes irritation of my skin and illuminates it fantastically. I use it under the cream and for a facial massage. It is very efficient and pleasant in "service". The oil has a very strong smell of citrus and geranium that actually responds to me. You have to give it at least 15 mins before makeup and then it's fine. I've been using it for about 2 months and will go on. You have managed to create a fantastic product. I keep my fingers crossed to hear about it as soon as possible.
    Agnieszka Wojciechowska
    filmmaker, bodypainting specialist